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Join The Vixens!



in the vixens?

If you are interested in joining the Vixens, be sure to get on our wait list! No paddling experience (or athletic ability) required. Just a willingness to have fun, give back to your community, and meet new women throughout Gloucester County!

Paddler or Non-Paddler?

The Vixens don't want anyone to feel excluded!

If you are unable to paddle, or just don't want to, that's okay! Join the Vixens as a non-paddler to be involved in the charity & social aspect of what we do! Email us at for more information. 


PaddlerWait List

The Vixens maintain a wait list for those interested in joining! Due to the timing of registration for our boat race, we can only add new members in January. We select members from the wait list based off of the timestamp they filled out our form to keep things fair. There is no guarantee you will get on a boat in January, as we only take on new members as needed.

 Click here to get on our list!

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